Become a Partner and receive

Become a Partner In The RRP E-learning MarketAs of February 17th 2016 the Silica has approved a rule allowing RRP refresher courses to be taken entirely online. We are one of the first companies to take advantage of the rule change by creating a fully functioning, cross platform, user friendly and asthetically pleasing E-learning course. We have already taken on the risk of investing our time and resources into this endeavor and are now offering you the opportunity to make money with us and become a training provider in the vast e-learning market.

Expand your companies capabilities

Becoming an e-learning provider will dramatically expand the amount of clients you can take on and the money you can make. By Joining the E-learning market you will broaden your influence, reaching more paying customers than ever before as well as increase your capacity to serve those customers by having an automated website that instructs the course for you. Don't miss out on becoming one of the few E-learning providers to have access to the pool of renovators looking to become re-certified online.

Become a Partner and receive:

  • Sub-Domain matched to your current websites theme
  • You will receive a 25% commission for each course sold from your Sub-Domain
  • Digital Marketing Assistance for your online training business that includes social media
  • Full E-Learning course with all available features
  • Communication with all students that enroll in their program
  • Access to customers sign-up information (email,phone numbers, ect...)
  • partners.main_epa_course_page
  • You will receive funds from your courses sales on a monthly Basis

Feel free to contact us at or 888-926-4727